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That’s Life and Girls Night out – 06 March 2010

Congratulations, and, thank you all for such a great evening. Thank you to the cast of both ‘Girls’ Night Out’ and ‘That’s Life’. Both gave outstanding strong performances and have every right to be really proud of what they have achieved. Thank you to the crew, front and rear of house, for all the hard work and attention to detail that made the show. Ian and Candice, of the Web Theatre, were delighted with the comments received from those that spoke to them after the show. I can’t thank them enough for the support they have given us and I am pleased to be able to reward them with a full house and the promise of more to come. Lisa has to be given special mention for her writing and direction. We can’t even begin to mention all the other hard work and sacrifices she has made, but, somehow I think she knows…And finally, thank you, for the support you have given, for sticking with us, for the friendship, and for making it fun, it means more than you can believe.



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