Pantomime returned to the Web Theatre

The 2nd Skin Theatre Company production of their pantomime version of Alice in Wonderland was a huge success with full and nearly full houses, over a 2 week run in the Web Theatre.

After a two year break, it was fantastic to be back with a full length Pantomime in the Web Theatre.

This not so traditional pantomime story is a re-working of the children’s classic tale of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland.

Having followed the White Rabbit down the hole Alice meets many colourful characters, and some not so wonderful ones to boot. Could Alice save the day or will that be left to you? Would Alice keep a cool head, better still would she keep her head at all? and… Would the Knave of Hearts keep his?

Along with the quite simply Mad Hatter and Hare this was a comical feast.

Despite many bouts of flu and tummy bugs and the weather doing it’s worst with ice and snow, the cast and crew prevailed in the finest tradition of theatre and got on with the show.

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